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Who is a Qualified Financial Advisor?

An experienced individual with qualifications such as CFPCM, CWM®, CFA, CA, NISM XA XB, QPFP, SEBI RIA who understands and practices holistic financial planning that includes investment planning, insurance planning, liability management, taxation planning, emergency planning, cash flow planning, retirement planning, will and estate planning. A QFA is somebody who is focused on the best interest of their clients and is focused on improving financial wellness of their clients.

Some of our partners

harshit patel

Harshit Patel

Founder & CEO, Invest Wissen

Experience: 20+ years

nishant batra

Nishant Batra

Chief Goal Planner, Holistic Prime Wealth

Experience: 18+ years

charmi shah

Charmi Shah

Co Founder, Torient Services

Experience: 10+ years

monika malkani

Monica Malkani

SEBI Registered Investment Advisor

Experience: 25+ years

krishna rath

Krishna Rath

SEBI Registered Investment Advisor

Experience: 20+ years

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Discover the countless benefits that await you!

  • No joining fees, no imposed targets

  • Earn hourly fees, like any professionals

  • Access 1 Finance product research and recommendations

  • Utilise the best-in-class Enterprise Operating System

Onboarding Process

  • Check Eligibility
  • Get connected with the 1 Finance Partner Success Team
  • Experience 1 Finance offerings as a client
  • Onboarding as a QFA with 1 Finance

Eligibility Criteria

  • Certification - CFPCM / CWM® / CFA / CA / SEBI RIA / QPFP / NISM XA XB

Certificates you currently hold / have active licence for:


Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not a SEBI RIA - Can I still partner with 1 Finance as a QFA?
Yes, provided you meet the eligibility criteria, which includes being a graduate and being certified with any of the following - CFPCM / CWM® / CFA / CA / SEBI RIA / QPFP / NISM XA XB.
Do I need to onboard my own/new clients to 1 Finance?
No, as a partner with 1 Finance, you are not required to onboard your own/ new clients. 1 Finance operates as a direct-to-customer institution, focusing on acquiring clients directly and providing them with comprehensive financial planning and advisory services through Qualified Financial Advisors (QFAs).
Is 1 Finance a marketplace?
No, 1 Finance is not a marketplace. Instead, it operates as an ecosystem where clients join and gain access to financial planning and advisory services through Qualified Financial Advisors (QFAs).
Does 1 Finance serve as a tech platform for advisors?
No, 1 Finance does not primarily serve as a tech platform for advisors. Instead, it supports the Qualified Financial Advisors (QFAs) with a tech-enabled Enterprise Operating System.
What is a tech-enabled Enterprise Operating System?
Enterprise Operating System (EOS) is a comprehensive tech-enabled platform that integrates all of the critical functions of 1 Finance's operations, which includes: independent dashboards for the Financial Advisors, Admins, Accounting, Member Success, Management Information Systems and more. EOS primarily enables the Advisors to manage the complete journey of their members, starting with their data collection which is then run through the internal intelligence engine to generate their Financial Wellness Plan.
Will joining 1 Finance as a QFA force me to give up my current business activities?
No, becoming a QFA with 1 Finance does not require you to discontinue your current business activities. You can manage both, and simply inform us of your weekly availability to ensure seamless coordination for member services.
Do I need to collect data, prepare a financial plan, or follow up with clients for fees?
No, all operational aspects will be handled by 1 Finance. Once a client is onboarded, the 1 Finance team will conduct the orientation and data collection process. Subsequently, the financial wellness plan will be prepared by 1 Finance. Once ready, the assigned QFA will receive the details for review and consultation with the member.
How do I get paid as a QFA?
As a QFA, you can earn professional hourly fees similar to other esteemed professionals like lawyers or doctors.
How often do QFAs receive payment?
QFAs at 1 Finance receive their payment on a monthly or quarterly basis, according to their preference, convenience, and mutual agreement.