"Unlike other wealth-tech platforms, the 1 Finance ecosystem is designed to help you with your overall personal finances and not just your investments. While other platforms only provide services for managing your investments, the 1 Finance ecosystem enables you to attain true financial well-being - the ultimate milestone for us all.

How does 1 Finance help you attain financial wellness?

a) 1 View of your scattered finances - Most people are confused when it comes to their financial data. Some are even clueless about which schemes they’ve invested in or which insurance cover they have taken. With 1 Finance’s 1 View feature, you can now view and track all your assets, liabilities, income, expenses, and insurance within 1 app.

b) A complete picture of your finances - Viewing your financial data in bits and pieces will never give you a true picture of your wealth. A holistic understanding of your overall personal finances is important for taking the correct financial decisions. Only focusing on how your investments are fairing and ignoring your liabilities is catastrophic to your financial health. Here’s where 1 Finance steps in. The 1 View feature on the app captures all your fianncial data and creates your Personal Balance Sheet - so you get a consolidated view of your finances in a meaningful manner.

c) Essential financial metrics that simplify money management - We also provide you with essential financial metrics like your Net Worth, your Financial Health Score and other financial ratios. Analysing these metrics help you make informed decisions and also help us understand your needs and requirements better.

d) Your financial personality evaluated so you can be at peace with your financial journey - Your financial plan is of no use if it does not take into account your behaviour towards money, your attitude towards returns, your preferences and traits, your predisposition to picking certain asset classes, your comfort-levels with risk-taking, and your inherent nature. At 1 Finance, we focus on your overall financial well-being which can’t be achieved if your financial decisions are not aligned with your personality (i.e. your Money Sign).

e) Leveraging advanced tech to provide accurate financial advice - 1 Finance’s ecosystem leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and uses real-time data by analysing over 500 data points to deliver more relevant actionable insights to you, with the support of 1 Finance Labs’ quantitative evaluation (where over 50,000 financial products are ranked, based on intensive research and analysis). The ecosystem’s proprietary framework evaluates your psychological, demographical & aspirational information to prepare your Financial Plan.

f) Access to qualified, unbiased, and hyper-personalised advisory - Based on your unique requirements, 1 Finance’s intelligent matching engine allows you to connect to a suitable QFA from its ecosystem of certified, verified and experienced professionals viz. CAs, CFAs, CFPs, CWMs, RIAs, etc. Our QFAs do not indulge in any target-based selling. Moreover, no commission-based products will be recommended on the 1 Finance ecosystem."

The Account Aggregator (AA) framework came from the NITI Aayog's Data Empowerment and Protection Architecture to empower every Indian. It is a safe and consent-based framework that gives you control over your financial data. The framework has a quick process designed to consolidate all your financial data in one place. (second part of the answer yet to be provided by the client)

Your net worth is an indicator of how much wealth you own after accounting for your liabilities.
Your net worth = Personal assets - Personal liabilities
- Personal assets include investments, real estate, cash in bank accounts, cash at hand, jewellery, art, digital assets, etc.

- Personal liabilities include credit card expenses, bank overdrafts, personal loans,etc.

The 1 Finance mobile app is for re-imagining personal finances. It's equipped with a host of features and
advanced tools which are designed with the aim to help you achieve Financial Well-Being.

The features are:
1 View: Get 1 View of all your scattered finances. Track your mutual funds, stocks, income, expenses, assets,
liabilities, and insurance from one window.

Net Worth: 

Know your net worth at all times and get an accurate picture of your wealth. Net Worth= Assets -

Personal Balance Sheet:

Get a consolidated view of your assets and liabilities in a meaningful manner.
Financial Health Score: Get an indication of how well your finances are treating you, or rather how well you’re
treating your finances.

Financial ratios:

These are essential financial metrics that enable you to easily understand your financial situation
and help you take informed decisions, ultimately aiding you in your quest to develop better financial habits.

Money Sign:

Understand your financial personality and the traits that make you, you. It's a set of questionnaire
you take to find out how financial decision making is shaped by your behavioural patterns. It's a science.

Financial Plan:

1 Finance’s proprietary framework analyses your psychological, demographical & aspirational
information to prepare your Financial Plan with the support of 1 Finance Labs’ quantitative evaluation, where over
50,000 financial products are ranked based on intensive research and analysis.


Get access to qualified, unbiased, and hyper-personalised advisory to achieve your financial

1 Finance ConciergeTM Desk:

To ensure seamless execution of the advisory solutions offered to you, we’ve
onboarded experienced CAs, CFPs, and CWMs to provide support through a dedicated financial Concierge Desk
that is available for you at every step of your journey.

(what about Algo-Assist)

To know how to download the app, head here (link to Download app question)

Personal assets are things you own that have a monetary value.
Common examples of personal assets include investments in stocks, mutual funds, debt instruments, real estate, cash in bank accounts, cash at hand, jewellery, art, digital assets, etc.

Personal liability is an amount of money or another form of asset owed to or obligated to someone else.
Common examples of personal liabilities include credit card bills; bank overdrafts; unpaid taxes, unpaid bills, personal loans such as car loans, home loans, student loans, etc

1 Finance combines its proprietary framework with human expertise to deliver the first-of-its-kind personal finance advisory experience. The ecosystem enables you to attain a state of financial well-being in a way that is best suited to your needs and personality type.

How does it do so?
By distilling years of research around behavioural finance and merging it with traditional financial wisdom to offer a superior, science-backed, technology-driven advisory experience.

- 1 Finance’s proprietary framework uses quantitative predictive models by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and real-time data from over 500 data points to deliver more relevant actionable insights to you. Using the OCEAN model, the framework also considers your financial personality, i.e. your behaviour and relationship with money.

- The ecosystem is further supported by 1 Finance Labs quantitative evaluation, where over 50,000 financial products are ranked based on intensive research and analysis.
Lastly, 1 Finance’s intelligent automation systems enable you to foster sound financial habits so that you are at peace and in control of your financial journey.

1 Finance is a freemium wealth-tech platform. Some of our features such as the 1 View is made available to 1 Finance customers for free. We also do not engage in any commission-based selling of financial products or selfmanufacture financial products. However, our premium services such as algo-advisory and access to our ecosystem of QFAs are available at a minimal subscription charge. View our subscription plan here

1 Finance does not require you to submit any documents to start your financial wellness journey. Only at the time of onboarding, you will be asked to fill in your PAN details & mobile verification to sign up.

At the moment, the 1 Finance app does not take any permission to access any data from your device. However, to create your 1 View account, the 1 Finance app takes your consent to fetch your Credit Information from Experian.

At the time of onboarding, the 1 Finance app only requires you to submit the following information:
1. Name
2. Phone number
3. E-mail ID
4. PAN

By giving 1 Finance access to your CAS - Consolidated Account Statement <can link the CAS word with the
definition question>, you are allowing the app to fetch the details of all your investments in the securities market.
This service has been made available to avoid you the hassle of filling in each detail manually.

1 Finance only tracks the financial data that you have given consent to. The app fetches data from CAS, Experian (if consented) & automatically keeps it updated. Any other financial data can be uploaded manually.

No, at 1 Finance, we do not indulge in any target-based or revenue-based selling of financial products. Given that our advisory is 100% unbiased, we do not endorse or recommend any financial products in return for commission or brokerage or compensation of any kind.

E-KYC stands for Electronic - Know Your Customer or Electronic - Know Your Client. It is the digital process that financial institutions undertake to verify their clients’ identities and addresses. As a 100% digital solution, the  EKYC process uses OTP-based Aadhaar authentication.

KYC is an RBI-mandated client verification process that all financial institutions must undertake. Since 1 Finance is a digital-first ecosystem, we have set up E-KYC for your convenience and all 1 Finance customers must comply with the same.

1 View is a dashboard feature on the 1 Finance app that lets you view and track all your assets, liabilities, income, expenses, and insurance in one place. With 1 View, you get a holistic view of all your scattered finances in a consolidated and meaningful manner. You can also learn about your Net Worth and Financial Health Score.

To accurately determine your Net Worth, it is important to identify which liabilities were incurred in order to acquire an asset. Hence, linking an asset to the liability is important.

1 Finance is headquartered in Mumbai. Locate us on the map https://goo.gl/maps/PmyqN9Ep3k9pJKUF7

Our address is:
Unit No. 1101 & 1102, 11th Floor, B - Wing, Lotus Corporate Park Goregaon (East), Maharashtra 400063

The 1 Finance ecosystem is designed to help you attain financial wellness by taking into account all your personal milestones, which may also include the milestones you envision for your family (e.g. child’s higher education).
However, the ecosystem does not track your family’s Assets, liabilities, expenses, income & more. Hence, your 1 View account isn't a consolidation of your household finances. To help your family attain financial wellness, kindly get them registered on 1 Finance so we can track their personal finances and accordingly provide advisory solutions to them.

What it means to us - For the 1 Finance logo, we drew inspiration from a mirror and the symbolic attachment to it is illumination, awareness and wisdom. It reflects the truth and our company's purpose is to do the same. 1 Finance is the mirror that truly reflects the financial world of our clients which enables them to have a clearer, unfiltered vision of their future financial selves. Our logo showcases that each individual we serve is unique and our number one priority. 1 Finance is re-imagining the world of financial planning and advisory, however, we still want to convey to our clients that we are honest, regulated and experienced.

What it may mean to you - One unique feature of our logo - it's multi-dimensionality as it can beinterpreted as a mirror, a book, a door, a roof or even a cube. Individuals have the freedom to view it however they want and in whichever way makes the most sense to them. A metaphor for the journey that we will embark on together with comfort, accessibility and adaptability.

The 1 Finance logo uses hues of grey which represents neutrality, unbiasedness and timelessness. The 1 Finance logo establishes the visual language that is embodied by the entire brand.

The financial ratios shown on the 1 Finance - 1 View Dashboard are essential metrics that help you analyse your personal finances better and enables you to make informed decisions.

These are: Solvency Ratio (Net Worth/Total Assets) - Determines an individual’s ability to repay all their liabilities using their total assets.

Total Assets to Total Liabilities Ratio (Total Assets/Total Liabilities) - helps in understanding how your assets fair in comparison to your liabilities.

Financial Assets Ratio (Total Financial Assets/Total Assets) - captures the liquidity of your total assets.

Life Insurance to Income Ratio (Total Life Insurance Cover/Annual Income) - assesses if you have adequately protected your loved ones in the unfortunate event of your demise.

1 Finance is not a goal-planning app. Goal-planning platforms assist individuals in setting savings goals for predetermined expenses (e.g. travel fund) and tracking those goals.

1 Finance is a re-imagined consumer financial nstitution (personal finance) that offers qualified, unbiased, and hyper-personalised advisory.

While goal-planning merely focuses on one’s investments (assets), 1 Finance creates holistic financial well-being by providing advisory solutions on one’s overall personal finances, viz. assets, liabilities, income, expenses, insurance, and much more.

1 Finance is a personal finance advisory ecosystem and is not a stock broker or a sub-broker. We do not engage in accepting or executing any orders for shares, market lots, options, etc. We also do not provide any
recommendations for buying or selling any stocks.

1 Finance is a wealth-tech platform offering financial planning and advisory solutions to the emerging affluent individuals of India by providing qualified, unbiased and hyper-personalised advisory services.

No, 1 Finance is not a Direct Selling Agent for any manufacturers of financial products. Our advisory is 100%
unbiased and we do not engage in any target-based or commission-based selling of financial products.

1 Finance is a digital-first wealth-tech platform, headquartered in Mumbai. However, we do not have any
branches or physical offices across the country.

To know more about 1 Finance, visit our website: www.1finance.co.in Incase the website doesn't answer all your queries, write to us at care@1finance.com

1 Finance ranking refers to the evaluation and ranking process undertaken by 1 Finance Labs, where over 50,000 financial products are ranked and rated, based on intensive research and analysis.

1 Finance evaluates and ranks over 50,000 financial products, basis intensive research and analysis.

No, 1 Finance does not manufacture any financial products.

To efficiently manage your finances, we’ve onboarded experienced CAs, CFPs, and CWMs to provide support through a dedicated Financial Concierge Desk.

1 Finance’s solutions are curated to serve your unique financial assistance needs by taking into account your demographical, psychological, and aspirational information. 1 Finance’s ecosystem leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and uses real-time data, analysing over 500 data points to deliver more relevant actionable insights to you.

1 Finance pays exceptional attention to getting you not just certified but the most sought-after financial advisors in the country. Our verified QFAs (CAs, CFPs, CWMs, CFAs and IFAs professionals) have made the cut only after going through a strict screening process.

1) They are recognized by SEBI
2) Verified by our Quality Control Team
3) Assessed by their eligibility and fitted into the right category (Gold, Platinum, Silver)

1 Finance steers clear from pushing any products or engaging in any target-based or commission-based selling.

Your Financial Health Score is a numerical representation of your overall financial health, calculated out of 100.

How do we calculate it?
Your financial health is measured by comparing your spendings, savings, and investing habits against a benchmark generated by our proprietary framework.

Money Sign, financial cousin of zodiac signs as we like to call them, are 1 Finance's psychological profiles built around an inclusive framework to better understand how different personality traits (behaviors and emotions) of our clients shape their personal financial choices.

Learnings from money sign help us provide hyper-personalized recommendations to our customers which maximizes their peace of mind and also gives them a fresh self-perspective.

You can take the money sign questionnaire through our app. Download our app from the Google playstore or Apple App Store

There are numerous credit rating agencies that incorporate various factors while defining a good credit score.
However, the most common credit score ranges and categories are:

300-579: Poor
580-669: Fair
670-739: Good
740-799: Very good
800-850: Excellent

No, but our Qualified Financial Advisors are proficient in popular Indian regional languages.

You can find your CAS on your registered email address. In case, you haven’t received your CAS, follow
these steps:

- Visit cdslindia.com. Click on Login on the top right side of the homepage.
- Click on CAS/Declare Bonafide option and click on Login.
- Enter the 10 digit PAN No. Enter the 16 digits demat account No. (BO ID)
- Enter the date of birth and characters as shown on screen and click on submit. - - - Upon clicking on
submit, a One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP number
to download your CAS.


- Visit: https://nsdlcas.nsdl.com/
- Click on NSDL e-CAS on the top menu bar. You can subscribe to regular e-CAS by putting in your CAS ID and PAN details.
- You will receive your e-CAS on your registered E-mail ID regularly.

If you don't know about your CAS ID
- Visit: https://nsdlcas.nsdl.com/
- Click on ‘Know your CAS ID’ Enter your details. Then click on submit to know your CAS ID.
- Enter your CAS ID, PAN, registered email ID and the period. Click submit to receive your CAS via email.