join the 1s

We at 1 Finance value our legacy and celebrate the uniqueness & strength found in diversity.

We use these values & strengths to form our culture. A culture that fosters an environment of respect, transparency, collaboration, and performance. Customer is at the heart of every experience at 1 Finance, and we are eager to have positive people like you be a part of the 1s. Let’s re-imagine personal finance, together!

Three simple steps to become 1 of us:

Video/Introduction Call

Candidates can submit a short video about themselves or have an introduction call with one of our recruiters

Interview & Assignment

Finalists then complete a multi-day task (Yes, we do pay for your time)

Get An Offer

We make an offer to the candidates we feel are best suited for open positions.

Being limitless is not a choice but a practice with us!

We don’t limit ourselves by mentioning what we want in you; instead, let us tell you what we certainly “Do Not Want”.

  • Lack of ambition, initiative, and energy
  • The inability to take ownership
  • All talk, no action
  • A risk-averse approach towards our goals
  • An adamant “my way is the right way” attitude
  • Inability to receive constructive feedback
  • Anxiety of dealing with numbers
  • Rigid attitude towards working hours
  • Require HR Police to maintain workplace etiquette