Grievance Redressal Policy

A key component of sustained business growth is responsible Member service. As a result, we work to ensure that our Members receive exemplary service at various touchpoints. It is vital for us to maintain existing relationships by providing prompt and efficient service, so Member satisfaction is an important factor for us.

A structured grievance redressal framework is outlined in this policy, for the handling of Members’ queries and complaints. The process is supported by a review mechanism, to minimise the likelihood of similar issues recurring in the future.

We follow the following grievance redressal principles:

  • Fair and equitable treatment is to be provided to Members at all times.
  • Member complaints are to be handled promptly and courteously.
  • Queries and complaints are to be treated efficiently and with fairness.

Grievance Redressal Mechanism

Level 1

If a Member has any concerns or grievances, the Member can write an email to

Level 2

Members whose grievances remain unresolved after 7 (seven) working days from the date of raising the issue at Level 1, or who are dissatisfied with the response provided at Level 1, are entitled to write to the Compliance Officer at

Level 3

If the Member’s issue is not resolved after 7 (seven) business days after contacting the Compliance Officer as described in Level 2, the Member may write to the Principal Officer at

Level 4

Members who are not satisfied with our response can file a complaint with the Securities and Exchange Board of India at

  • Any query or complaint that requires additional time will be explained by the company to the Member, along with the expected timeframe for resolving it.
  • Member here means all the clients who are registered with 1 Finance.