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Note - Our scoring considers equity mutual fund schemes and large-cap index funds that hold a track record of more than one year. This analysis is updated as on September 2023.

An unbiased evaluation of a broad range of mutual fund schemes.

Objective rankings without any vested interests of selling financial products.

Accurate assessments derived from algorithm based, process-driven research.

What is 1 Finance Score?

Based on extensive analysis and key ratios, we scored and ranked all equity mutual fund schemes and large-cap index funds in India with a track record of more than one year to help you understand them better. Here’s our scoring system:







Ranking parameters

To rank the mutual fund schemes, we consider fundamental ratios for measuring risk-adjusted investment returns. We also factor in how the funds managed by the fund manager in the past have performed, and the category of the fund they managed.


We follow an algorithm-based, process-driven approach to score mutual fund schemes:

We use key ratios, such as Sharpe, to measure the risk-adjusted returns for mutual fund schemes.

These scores are tailored to the scheme category to provide more accurate comparisons.

Our extensive study of data from the last 10 years has helped to derive this scoring methodology.

We also perform a detailed analysis of fund managers, based on their performance in the same category that they are managing currently.

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