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At the outset, as you begin your journey with us, we want to share our biggest strength with you: people. Financial services today are more accessible and automated than ever before. Fintech companies have revolutionised the way we pay our bills, shop for goods, and generally go about our lives. But while their products are integral to modern society, there are some aspects of our finances that still require a human-first approach.

The process of personal finance advisory, for one, requires a more intimate connection with the individual who stands to benefit from it. At 1 Finance, we harness technology as a tool to deliver recommendations for navigating your money matters. This hyper-personalised advice is crafted by combining the experience and expertise of qualified financial advisors with insights on financial instruments generated by Algo-Assist, our proprietary algorithm.

As an institution oriented around personal finance, our aim is to help our users engage with a variety of avenues that help them accumulate, maintain, and grow their wealth, which ultimately allows them to attain peace of mind. Our approach to offering solutions is not led by a product alone but by the value our services can create for you. This value is generated by our independent advisors who rely on their experience and expertise, as well as insights gathered through our tech-enabled financial tools, to assess your profile and offer unbiased advice for improving your financial outcomes.

We use technology to enhance the quality of this service and the way we deliver it to you. Our encryption technology secures your privacy while our proprietary algorithm analyses your financial personality, ranks and rates an abundance of financial instruments, and recommends the ones that are best suited to your profile. The QFAs draw from this data to understand your needs and aspirations, personalise their suggestions, and create a holistic plan for long-term financial well-being. Their advice is delivered through the most convenient and interactive platform: our app.

At each step of this process, the individual remains at the core of our functioning. By using technology as a tool for synergising interests and incentives, we want to create an ecosystem that sustains the success of our members, advisors, employees, and the financial services industry at large. Instead of acting as an aggregator that simply collates financial products or as a marketplace for financial advisors, our ecosystem of qualified advisors is carefully curated and builds on our decades of experience in the financial industry.

Finance is personal — and we want it to remain so. Our intention is to eradicate the culture of mis-selling financial products through incompetent guidance and to replace the cookie-cutter approach to personal finance planning with a framework of honesty, transparency, and trust that allows all stakeholders to flourish, as we chart your path towards financial freedom and wellbeing.

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