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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 1 Finance search engine?
The 1 Finance search engine is India's first-of-its-kind comprehensive platform that provides unbiased information on various financial products to help you make informed decisions. It simplifies the research conducted by our specialists on products such as mutual funds, health insurance, life insurance, credit cards, loans, etc., presenting it in a clear and easy-to-understand manner.
How can I use the 1 Finance search engine effectively?
You can use the 1 Finance search engine to evaluate your current financial products or to research new ones. You can either directly search for the product you're interested in using the search bar or select a specific product type for more detailed research. For each product type, we provide a curated list of top financial products, an individual product search bar, a detailed analysis of product features, filters to input your specific requirements, and more.
How does 1 Finance evaluate financial products?
We assess financial products in two ways: absolute and relative. The absolute evaluation is done using the 1 Finance Scoring methodology, which assigns a score out of 100 to a product based on various parameters. The relative evaluation is done by ranking the product in comparison to others in its category. When you consider both the 1 Finance Score and the category rank together, it can streamline your decision-making process. The 1 Finance Score quantifies the quality of a product, while the category rank provides insights into its relative strength within its category.
What is the 1 Finance Score?
The 1 Finance Score is a composite score out of 100 assigned to each financial product based on evaluating crucial parameters relevant to its category.
What is the 1 Finance Rank?
The 1 Finance Rank is assigned to each financial product by assessing its quality (represented by the 1 Finance Score) and then ranking them in descending order within their respective categories.
What is the 'Featured' list?
The 'Featured' list showcases the top financial products of each type that meet our quality criteria and are evaluated by our specialists to be the best in their respective categories.

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