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We offer financial advice that takes into account an individual’s financial status and life goals, and complement.


We offer financial advice that takes into account an individual’s financial status and life goals, and complements their inherent behavioural traits and psychological disposition. To get deeper insight into how your mind works when it come to money, discover your MoneySign™.

1 Finance is reimagining the space of personal finance advisory in India. For us, this means offering advice that takes into account not just your financial status and life goals but also your traits and behaviours, in order to equip you with the ability to attain financial well-being. We’re doing this by building an ecosystem that caters to the long-term well-being of our members, and aligning our goals with the interests of all other stakeholders as well, which in turn triggers a shift towards transparency in the industry at large.

Built around one of the most scientifically validated frameworks in psychology, MoneySign™ are the symbols that identify your money personality or financial behaviour. Read The Science

Financial well-being is 80% psychology and 20% math. It is important to understand your psychology in order to achieve a harmonious relationship with money and financial well-being.

Financial well-being is a state of mind that is achieved when the core and committed financial milestones of an individual are covered by the existing asset allocation and the cash inflow (from passive income source and partial selling of assets) is more than the cash outflow (from household & lifestyle expenses, liability EMIs and taxes) for the individual and his/her dependents till their mortality and/or dependents becoming financially independent.

Financial Concierge is a dedicated team of qualified financial experts, who shall assist you in the seamless execution of your financial plan.

At 1 Finance, we strictly do not share any general recommendations, since advisory is hyperpersonalised. We advise only through Qualified Financial Advisors (QFAs), which can be done once the member is registered under 1 Finance.

At 1 Finance, we are committed to providing hyper-personalised financial advisory. As per our 3-step approach (We understand you, we advise you, we journey together), we are not authorised to offer any advisory solutions without considering your financial, demographic and behavioural information.
For further guidance you can:
1. Speak to our team of Financial Concierge specialists.
2. Opt for advisory solutions from our Qualified Financial Advisors.

Currently, there are no charges We have launched our app with MoneySign™ as the first offering for the App users. We will be opening up our 'Join the waitlist' campaign where a select few will get to explore our premium features. However, our premium services will be available at a minimal subscription charge when launched.

We have a strict 0 (ZERO) sales policy at 1 Finance. You will never recieve any sales calls from 1 Finance or its associates.

We safeguard your information. We are committed to protecting the privacy of your data.

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